Dessert Teas

When it comes to dessert, we all like to indulge now and then. The good news is there’s a way to satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of the night without reaching for the fork and a piece of chocolate cake. Dessert teas are a great alternative to traditional sugar-packed treats, but thanks to natural flavors and sweeteners such as honey—these rich flavorful blends allow you to indulge the healthy way.

Originally introduced as “after-dinner” teas, Davidson’s line of caffeine-free dessert teas are comprised of herbal blends that give your brew a nut-like undertone with true fruit and spice top notes. With flavors such as Caramel Peach with Coconut, Vanilla Cream Spice and Cherries Jubilee, these teas are an irresistible dessert without any calories. Here are a few tricks to make your tea even richer…

Cream: It’s not just for coffee

A great way to give your cup of tea more depth is to add a splash of cream. While traditionally this compliment is added to coffee without a second thought, when it comes to tea it doesn’t always cross our mind as a means of enriching it (unless you’re in England of course, then milk is a common ingredient to the perfect cup of tea). Regular milk or half and half are favorites, and if you’re dairy free a touch of almond or coconut milk is a viable alternative while having the added benefit of extra flavor.

Dip in the honey pot

Bears aren’t the only ones that like a good honey fix—add a bit of nature’s indulgence to your dessert tea to really sweeten the deal. Honey sticks, which can be bought at your local grocery store, are an easy, convenient way to stir some straight into your cup. For a flavor enhancer with the added benefit of fighting seasonal allergies, opt for raw local honey.

Oh sugar, sugar

If you’re trying to stay away from processed forms of sugar but want as close to the real thing as possible, sugar in the raw is a great option. There’s also coconut sugar for those in favor of the coconut trend, and for those that want a plant-based sugar route, Stevia and Agave Extract are great alternatives for the sweet stuff. Agave Extract is generally found in a syrup form that makes it a close compliment to honey.