National Salad Month

Happy National Salad Month, everyone! If you don’t think there’s a reason to celebrate and you’re finding yourself not yet ready for salad season, then it’s time you had a salad makeover. Let our salad recipe roundup, with recipes from local chefs and restaurants, leave you refreshed and ready to take on salad season with ease. Enjoy!

Caesar Salad

You love Caesar salad, but have you ever tried it grilled? Now’s the time! Bistro 7 knows how it’s done, and now you can try it at home! Check out how Michael Woodhall from Bistro 7 makes the delicious, slightly tangy, grilled Caesar that’ll soon take its place in your kitchen as a staple salad.

Get the recipe for Bistro7’s Grilled Caesar Salad.

Bleu Cheese and Watermelon

Salads are all about creativity! No one is going to want to eat a boring (and bland) salad. Play with the flavors (sweet, salty, bitter, tangy) and you might come up with a crazy yet amazing combination. SoDo knows exactly what we’re talking about, which is why we love their bleu cheese and watermelon salad. Try it for yourself!

Get the recipe for SoDo’s Bleu Cheese and Watermelon Salad.

Field Greens

Take your salad plate beyond romaine and iceberg and play with the dark greens! You ready? We suggest trying Café Girasole’s Famous Field of Greens Salad. The delicious burst of sweetness from the dried fruit and candied pecans, combined with the gorgonzola and fresh field greens will have you craving this salad everyday (we’re salivating right now just thinking of marionberry dressing). Enjoy!

Get the recipe for Café Girasole’s Famous Field of Greens Salad.

Kale Salad

No salad recipe roundup would be complete without a kale salad! If the kale in the fridge is staring at you and you just don’t know what to do with it, we suggest you try out Campo’s Kale Salad. The combination of kale, fresh poached egg, and Parmesan cheese crumble will most certainly make you a kale fan. Can’t wait? Try it at home! We’re pretty sure you probably have most of the ingredients already.

Get the recipe for Campo’s Kale Salad.

Green Smoothie

Who says you can’t drink your salad? We love this delicious, creamy, and slightly sweet green smoothie from jüs. Toss in your kale and spinach, blend it up with a fresh apple, some strawberries from the Downtown Farmers Market, and take your salad on the go!

Get the recipe for jüs’ “Gotta Green” smoothie.