National Walk Your Dog Day

Sunday, February 22 is National Walk Your Dog Day! And, in honor of our furry friends, we’ve teamed up with locally owned pet nutrition company, Doggie Dots to provide you with information on keep your dogs healthy and happy. Those of you who post picture on our Facebook wall this Sunday of your dog’s best “selfie,” will be entered into a contest to receive a month’s supply of organic dog treats from Doggie Dots, along with a free dog walk from Fetch! Pet.

In terms of nutrition, dogs are very similar to their humans. Like us, dogs thrive on an omnivorous diet consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats and mineral nutrients. And like humans, a diet prone to over indulgence and over feeding will lead to obesity related disorders as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure and fatty liver. Providing a mix of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and essential oils is one of the most powerful tools we pet parents possess to ensure a long, energetic life for our canine companions.  Yet, the type of food to purchase can be overwhelming with many options in a huge spectrum of cost. Some brands entice with powerful language as “gourmet” or “premium” but such terms are often more about marketing than nutrition and buyers need beware that even the most expensive foods may be nutritionally void given the presence of fillers and preservatives.  A good, quality food will list protein sources (fish, chicken, beef, egg, lamb), whole grains, fruits, vegetables, unsaturated oils, minerals and supplement vitamins in order and will specifically not list meat by-product or additives as corn or soy. In general, the dog will tell you if a particular food is working or not. Though they may not be able to say exactly how they are feeling, a happy, well adjusted animal with great energy is likely thriving on the food provided. Consistent problems with loose stool, excess gas or vomiting probably indicate a need to change diet, which should always be discussed with a veterinarian.

For the most discerning pet parent, there are now healthy diet options available which bring together excellent nutrition and sustainable production concepts. Pet diets, which feed according to organic, chemical free, pesticide free, environmentally friendly practices will improve animal nutrition and the community in which they thrive. One such company at the forefront of the sustainable, organic, pet nutrition movement is Doggie Dots, a locally owned pet nutrition company with the mission to integrate healthy pet nutrition and sustainable, humane production practices. It was started by local community physician, Dr. Reed Dopf for his Yorkshire Terrier, Polo, now the furry face of the company. With Doggie Dots, all ingredients are fresh, natural, organic and locally produced from farms in harmony with the environment. There are no fillers, no by products, no preservatives and because all protein animals are raised according to humane standards, no animal cruelty. Doggie Dots veggies are raw for maximum nutrient content and sourced from local crops. Grains are whole, unprocessed and gluten free. Meats derive from only grain fed, pasture raised, humanely treated animals free of antibiotics or hormones. Doggie Dots are balanced nutrition for your best friend.