Love Tips From Locals

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to spread the love than to let everyone in on the little things that, in the long run, become the big things in relationships? These love tips come from Nevadans who have shared many Valentine’s Days with their loved one. It might not always be easy, but it’s always worth it.

  1. “Go on date nights, don’t forget the flowers, and always hold her hand.” –Steven Ararmini, married for 12 years and counting.
  2. “Do things together. Listen without interrupting. Never express dislike for what they’re wearing. Do more chores for each other and give compliments.” –Leanne Crawford, married for 27 years.
  3. “Men: love and cherish your wife unconditionally. Women: respect your man unconditionally. Also, seven meaningful/loving touches a day.” – Rene Vogel, married to his wife for XX years, dating for 10.
  4. “Be kind to each other, even when you’re fighting. Remember to say thank you. Put each other first. Be the first to say you’re sorry (even when you’re not). Row in the same direction, you won’t get anywhere otherwise. And always talk it out!” – Anne White, married for 19 years.
  5. “Once a couple figures out that they cannot change each other, they can become free to celebrate and enjoy each other for why they are.” – Mari Gonzales, married for 15 years.
  6. “Respect one another.” – Brad Hippert, married for 27 years.
  7. “When arguing, you have a choice: you can be right or you can be happy!” BreeAnn Pickett, married for 7 years.
  8. “Take care of your relationship the same way you care for items that you hold of value. Don’t use harsh words and actions that leave permanent damage.” Jennifer Wittwer, married for 16 years.
  9. “Passion.. Passion and passion. For each other, for the friendship and the intimacy. It’s important.” – Jocelyn Brown, 6 years dating.
  10. “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Recognize most things are relatively small. Identify early those things really important to your spouse and treat them with sensitivity and respect regardless of how you feel about them. Think of those things your spouse does that irritate you not as irritation, but as endearing quirks.” – Bob Felten, 38 years married.
  11. “Have fun.” – Katie’s Mom, married 27 years.
  12.  “Just laugh. Be friends. Be honest. Trust there will be days when you’re mad. And trust there won’t.” Joell Stiner, married for 8 years.
  13. “Value the love – it is irreplaceable and lasts beyond a lifetime.” – Patrick Sheahan, married 41 years with more to go.
  14. “Fight fair— because you can’t take back something said in anger. And, marry your best friend— because when the kids are gone, you only have each other.” Leslie Rose, married for 26 years.
  15. “Don’t sweat the small stuff; in the grand scheme of things does it really matter who was right? Go into marriage with the mentality that you will fight until your last breath to work with, compromise, love, and value the person that will stand by you and witness your life.” – Alicia Hall, married for 10 years, together for 14.
  16. “Secret to a sustained married is laughter and random acts of kindness towards each other. Never go to bed mad at each other. Work it out immediately. If you are with someone who doesn’t make you smile everyday, then you are with the wrong person. End of story.” – Becky Mason, married for 27 years.
  17. “Date nights and reconnection. Your relationship is more important than the kids, the dogs and the jobs. It started with just the two of you and will end with just the two of you.” –Aislinn Mueller, married for 5 ½ years, together for 12.
  18. Communication! If you can talk about anything and everything, you can survive marriage. Just keep it open! The two of you rule your marriage, not friends, work and especially your kids!” –Pam Wagner, married for 30 years.
  19. “Be respectful of your spouse when talking about each other’s concerns and do be redundant when trying to make a point!”–Bill Bradley, married for 8 years.
  20. “My best advice for a successful marriage would be to compromise as equally as possible, communicate (don’t beat around the bush, be honest about how you feel, be specific with what you are asking for or what your expectations are and don’t say anything you will regret later), allow each other to be an individual, it’s ok that you don’t have EVERYTHING in common, be respectful to each other (treat each other how you want to be treated) and finally be trustworthy and TRUST your spouse.”  –Sue Marin, married for 28 years.
  21. “After 11 (almost 12) years of marriage and 3 children, we are still happy and in love. Can’t say it is easy at times. We’ve learned through the years to always communicate, never go to bed angry, love one another always and don’t fight over money. We like to make life an and adventure with one another and our children.”–Deanna Fahrberger.