Be a Part of Artown

Hometown Health is proud to celebrate Artown’s 20th year as Reno’s multi-disciplinary arts festival this July. This month-long festival features nearly 500 events produced by more than 100 cultural organizations and business throughout the city. And, this year they’re looking to members of this community to help continue to ignite Reno with spirit and enthusiasm for the arts.

During their July 2015 festival, Artown will journey back through 19 years of dance, music, art, performance theater, comedy by inviting groups that have been in Reno to back back and showcase their talents. Any organization, individual or group that would like to be a part of Artown’s 20th anniversary celebration should submit their event proposals on Artown’s presenter portal. They’re searching for partners to inspire the audiences and help celebrate 20 years of arts in northern Nevada.

For more information, contact Jennifer Mannix at 322-1538 or visit or log in at