Awesome Workout Classes in Reno

Whether you’re new to Reno or just want to get out and want to try something new, check out this roundup of fantastic workout classes in Reno.

  1. Aerial Yoga at Soul Space.“We believe that what sets Soul Space apart from the other fitness centers is the focus of mind and body combining to become one,” say owners Amy and Christina. If you’re wanting to take your yoga practice  to the next level and focus even more on your mind and body, then check out Soul Space’s Aerial yoga class offerings. While aerial yoga may seem challenging, some of the moves can be even more low impact when taken off the mat and into the air.
  2. Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates at The Dailey Method Barre Studio. The Dailey Method Barre Studio, located in Southwest Reno, offers low-impact full body workouts that combine ballet, Pilates, and yoga, while also incorporating moves that target specific muscle groups. You can find more information about The Dailey Method Barre Studio here.
  3. Athlete Training at Kaia Fit. If you’re in the mood for an ever-changing exhilarating and exhausting workout, then you’ll love Kaia Fit’s classes. Depending on the location (Reno has 5!), you might be able to find triathlon training and crosstraining. While taking classes at Kaia Fit, you’ll also receive nutritional guidance and certified coach support. They also offer modifications to all the exercises, making it a workout for everyone. You can find out more about Kaia Fit here.
  4. Crossfit at Battleborn Crossfit. Battleborn Crossfit is the original Crossfit studio in Reno, and if you’re ready for high-intensity workouts, then Battleborn Crossfit is where you’ll want to go. We recently wrote about what you should know before beginning Crossfit, so make sure to read up before heading out. You can find more information about Battleborn Crossfit here.