Shop Local at Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

If you’re looking for a grocery store that focuses on natural and local foods, then head downtown to the Great Basin Community Food Co-Op.  The Co-Op is committed to providing the Reno community with local foods, specialty goods, and a surprising amount of foods, spices, and teas you can buy in bulk.

The Co-Op is a community-owned grocery store whose staff are extremely passionate about the work they do. You don’t have to be a member to shop at the Co-Op, but when you do, you’re “voting with your dollars,” Nicole Sallaberry, DROPP and sustainability and local food coordinator for the Co-op, says. “You’re basically showing that you support local farmers and locally grown food.”

The Co-Op also strives to be active in educating the Reno community about local food, sustainability, and more, holding workshops weekly (for example, today they have a Tai Chi workshop) and other cool events, such as a Seedling Sale.

“In the summer, we also do farm tours. We meet at the Co-Op and carpool to local farms and tour them,” Sallaberry adds.

If you want to shop local and support local food, then make sure to head to Downtown Reno and check out the Great Basin Community Food Co-Op, located at 240 Court St., or check out their website for more information.